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Since its establishment, MATSUMOTO INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing custom-made conveyers, environmental and air quality equipment, labor-saving machinery, and more.
Our production equipment and machinery, which leverage the advanced technologies and extensive expertise we have accumulated over many long years, are highly acclaimed among major Japanese automobile manufacturers.
In recent years, we have established group companies in the U.S., Indonesia, and China, and are making strides toward even further global expansion. Moving forward, we will continue to pursue the frontiers of manufacturing toward a sustainable society.

  • Our ability to make proposals based on our extensive experience

    By conducting in-depth preliminary interviews and leveraging our extensive manufacturing experience and expertise, we provide our customers with optimal proposals.
    Through the integration of both 2D and 3D CAD, we are able to view designs from a variety of angles. This helps our customers better visualize the products, and enables us to make proposals for products with higher levels of precision.

  • Unique, custom-made products

    We manufacture custom-made products, individually in accordance with customer requests, to provide the types of machinery that are indispensable in manufacturing plants, such as conveyors, environmental and air quality equipment, labor-saving machinery, welding jigs, and more.
    Through the technical competence that we have cultivated and the developmental capabilities that we continue to refine, we are able to more accurately manufacture a broad range of machinery and equipment with higher quality and precision.

  • Environmental equipment developed using our unique technologies

    The welding fume collector GENEFRESH is a type of environmental equipment developed by our company. It sucks in hazardous welding fumes to keep working environments in factories and workshops safer and more hygienic. We also sell the Push Unit, a compact open-type push-pull ventilation system.

Quality Japanese manufacturing
from Nagoya to the world

Since its establishment, MATSUMOTO INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing custom-made conveyers, environmental and air conditioning equipment, labor-saving machinery, and more in accordance with our customers’ requests.
Through our network of group companies based in the U.S., Indonesia, and China, we provide services worldwide from Nagoya around the globe.

Striving after the possibilities
of manufacturing on a global scale

Job content, working environment, and an education system are important factors in work.

We provide an environment in which even those with no experience can─with careful guidance from senior employees over a number of years─work globally and grow into talented personnel.

We also provide social insurance and welfare benefits, so you can work for many long years with peace of mind.

If you want to work internationally or are interested in our manufacturing work, please feel free to contact us.

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